Saturday, December 16, 2006

Time Passes

Its been more than a year since i left home..... rather.... was forced to leave home..Work took me to Coimbatore and then Kolkata where i am for more than a year.... 13 months to be exact.

Most of my classmates and friends are in their own state of "transition".They are leaving the city for higher studies......they are going out of the country, GRE/GMAT etc etc.......... I am pretty sure that most of them will never return to india for good. Ech one will in time find his/her own excuse... "not enough money in india" .."the red tape in india is stifling"."the work quality in india is low " etc etc.

All are reasons that i agree and understand..... within a period of time Home boys wil become visitors....... India will become nothing more than a "vacation spot" for them and their family. yearly vacations will be mainly to "keep in touch with their culture", or only for family events like marriages or births

I realise that i have been wandering for way too long.... i wander...... and i am lost (i think)

I want to go back home....... as soon as possible.

The problem is that once i get back........ i am sure that the Bangalore i knew no longer exists..... all the guys i used to meet on a regular basis will prolly be half a world away.... and will remain there for a long time to come.

There's no further let down than to fight a war and return home alive...... to an empty town.......

sans people. sans familiar faces... sans everything

--The Reprobate


Everyman said...

yo man, dont get too upset..sure when u get back it wont be the blore u know..but then we arent meant to wallow in the past...instead live in the present and create ur future..

well, i will know what it feels like to treat india as a vacation spot..hopefully, i wont be treating it so for long

Negat|veCreep said...

Come back, mah lovah, come back! I wait eagerly!

Anonymous said...

Don't worry things will be just fine.....and i did go back to Bangy and find that everything's changed .....rather than stay put in KOL !!! (or BBy :-))


Anonymous said...

hey seth!!!hell lies on the way to heaven. u will reach ur heaven in no time, as preserved as u want to see it. cheer up. its new year..

Anwesha Chatterjee said...

Hey! Don't worry! You will be able to make new friends and I am sure life will teach you to be happy with the best you can get!