Thursday, August 10, 2006

AM I???

I can live
I can die
I can sink
I can fly

I can breathe
I can choke
I can shrink
I can grow

I can wait
I can hide
I can smile
I can cry

I can wish
I can strive
I can bleed
I can cut

I can burn
I can sink
I can kill
I can curse

I can breed
I can feel
I can sense
I am free
The Reprobate


Anonymous said...

hey seth!U definitely aint free, trappped in too many emotions and confusions like everybdy.......

Everyman said...

Could have been more coherent about all that |:))

Am in pune now!! So no IM!

Everyman said...

if u dont publish something soon, you are off my list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!